AccuBook Becomes AccuBook GuestDiary

We hope that by now you are aware that AccuBook has a new product called the GuestDiary.

In the next few weeks we will be upgrading our short our website will be branded and be blue!! Via the login section you will still be able to login to the current AccuBook Extranet AND the new GuestDiary System.

AccuBook first started with a Hotel Booking Engine in 2002, a Website Builder in 2005 and a Channel Manager in 2008. The obvious piece of the jigsaw puzzle that was missing is the 'PMS' or Diary....the part where reservations are allocated to a room. Larger properties having been doing this with a PMS in the past ie RoomMaster/Hotsoft etc, and smaller properties have been using a paper diary or an Excel Sheet. Either way there was unnecessary work involved as the reservations had to be put manually into the system.

The new GuestDiary includes a PMS and this means;
A. You dont need a separate PMS/Diary that you have to load reservations manually in to, they are automatically loaded by the GuestDiary.
B. You dont need to manage Allocation manually ie You dont need to tell the system that you have 2 Double Rooms available on Saturday night. The system knows how many rooms you have and how many reservations you have.......the balance is passed out to the OTA's AUTOMATICALLY. (Now you can relax on that beach in the Algarve next winter whilst the system handles your reservations for you without the risk of over-selling or under-selling).

This should drastically reduce the work involved in managing the online sales of your rooms.

When is this change taking place?
Between November 1st and December 31st we will be moving customers over to the new system. Already over 250 customers are on the new GuestDiary system.

Do we have to take the Diary/PMS component?
No you do not, you can if you wish use the new system simply as a Channel Manager or Booking Engine as you do now. Without the Diary/PMS component.

Are there any other advantages?
The GuestDiary comes with an APP so you can manage your accommodation with your mobile phone whilst on the move. Additionally we have used all our learning from the last 16 years in the Accommodation sector to create a raft of small details improvements too long to list in areas such as the booking engine, multi-lingual capabilities, platform stability, PCI Security Compliance etc.

What do i need to do?
Nothing, we will import your room types and rates from the current system. We will start contacting you at the beginning of November but do let us know if you would like to go ahead sooner.

Take a look at this video if you would like more information or give us a call and we will explain the details. HERE