Updated 11/07/2017

Instructions for putting a new AccuBook website live:

Tasks to perform in extranet

Add www.yourdomain.com and yourdomain.com to the list of website addresses in the website builder "on website settings page"

Drag and drop the primary domain to the top of the list - the web builder will now redirect all requests to any website address assigned to this site to the primary address.

If the property has multiple domains e.g. .ie .com .co.uk they all should be added to the list of domain names in website settings, and the following dns changes should be applied to them all ( note only one email address needs to be created)

The following changes will not affect your emails, this will make your website address point to your new site designed by AccuBook.


Send the following information to the Property Contact/Hosting contact


Please make the following changes to your DNS settings ( this can be done in the control panel provided by your hosting company )

To point "yourdomain.com"
  1. Check to ensure there are no CNAME records pointing to "yourdomain.com" e.g. it is often the case mail.yourdomain.com is a CNAME of "yourdomain.com".
    1. If any records are a CNAME of "yourdomain.com" change those records to be an A-record pointing to the current "yourdomain.com" ip.
  2. Update the A-record for "yourdomain.com" to point to

To point "www.yourdomain.com"
  1. If there is an A-record for www.yourdomain.com remove it
  2. Create (or modify if one already exists) a CNAME record for www.yourdomain.com to point to www1.accubookwebsites.com


The new website will need to send emails ( e.g. from the "contact us" page ). To do this, please create a new email address that can be used by the website, e.g. "website@yourdomain.com"

Please provide us with the following details of the new email account.

SMTP Server
 ( usually mail.yourdomain.com but may be something different )
Username ( usually the email address you created )
Password ( the password you entered when creating the new email address)

Note: Incoming email to this new email address should be forwarded to the property's main email address

Your hosting company should be able to assist you in updating the DNS records and creating the new email address.