If AccuBook have provided your website then you already have a mobile enabled site and booking engine. However if your website was provided by someone else and you simply have the AccuBook Booking Engine integrated to your site, your visitors will now be able to checkout on a mobile enabled version of the booking engine, even if your website is not mobile enabled.

You don't need to perform any updates to the integration to your website, the new feature is automatically available to all third party websites.

The booking engine also continues to track your conversion sources, so if you are investing in Adwords or other PPC campaigns your mobile enabled ads should convert a little better with this upgrade.

Note we are seeing a steady a increase of bookings being made on mobile devices, so we would recommend you have a mobile enabled version of your site, either a responsive design or dedicated mobile design.

The following links have more information on the AccuBook Booking Engine and Mobile Enabled Hotel Websites by AccuBook.