Google Hotelads FAQ

What is GoogleHotelAds?
Google is starting to display room rates when someone searches for a hotel on Google.

OK Where are these room rates coming from?
Google is getting the rates from the OTA's (Online Travel Agents) mainly.

So whats new?
Google was only displaying rates from the OTA's such as Expedia/ but you can now display rates from YOUR OWN WEBSITE Booking Engine.

What happens when someone books?
When someone books on the Google Hotelads platform the customer is directed to the relevant booking engine to finish the transaction ie Expedia, or YOUR WEBISTE Booking Engine.

Why could this be a game changer?
Google is one of the most powerful companies in the world and is the main place customers go to when they want to carry out an internet search for hotels. Potentially this give you a level playing field.

Is it expensive?
You can get away with a commission as low as 10% to Google BUT you may have to factor in the commission on your website booking engine. Still likely to be cheaper than an OTA booking AND the customer comes direct to you.

How do we pay them?

An account is created on Google (like GoogleAdwords) and you can either enter bank details or a credit card number. You only pay commission when a room is booked.

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