What are the most visited pages on a hotel website?

From viewing over 300 hotels websites analytics, 2 pages stand out;

A. - Accommodation or Rooms Page
B. - Photos or Gallery Page

In the case of Accommodation/Rooms it has been put to us, somewhat unscientifically, that this is being driven by female web viewers who want to see what the bedrooms are actually like. Whatever the cause this fact should encourage hotels to put some effort in to their 'Rooms' page on their website. ie Does it clearly list what the rooms contain (TV, Tea and Coffee Making Facilities etc)
On the Rooms page clearly show, and if necessary repeat, the advantages of booking direct with the hotel (Best Rate Guarantee/No Booking Fee/No Deposit etc etc) along with contact details that clearly stand out such as Telephone Number/E Mail Address etc

In the case of Photos or Gallery Page it is clear enough  that casual visitors will want to form very quickly an impression of the hotel in the magic 17 seconds it is said the viewer spends browsing a typical webpage, so make your photos plentiful and easy to access. For good reason the The Online Travel Agents are frequently badgering their properties to supply 25 photos or more, citing their own statistics that show that properties with 25 photos or more sell x % more rooms online (the link may not be quite as obvious as they think, but it is believable). It is not a coincidence that a hotel page on a OTA site tends to feature IN ONE WEBPAGE 3 key bits of information;

  • Photos of the property
  • Room Prices
  • Location

Check your own website to check if the rooms page is as complete as it can be and if your viewers have quick and easy access to photos.