We Thought Wifi was Wifi!!

We recently had to help a couple of Hotels with their Wifi Implementation and we learnt that there is more to it than we thought.

1. Business People are having their devices (laptops etc) 'tightened' so that they cannot access the internet over an unsecured network. You can obtain from your wifi supplier 2 public-facing networks, unsecured for the general public and secured for business people. (In fact, you probably need a 3rd just for internal staff use, and maybe even a 4th for tills & cameras)

2. These 'dual networks' allows you to promote your 'technology offering' to business travellers.

3. You can put a landing page on the wifi access and ask people to submit their email address for access to the wifi (to use for marketing purposes, you would be amazed how quickly you can gather a database) additionally your customers don't have to go looking or asking for the password.

4. On the Wifi Landing page you can promote specific offers or products ie advertise Menus or Drinks Promotions.

5. A property with a '360' wifi system throughout the property is going to be able to utilize more functions in the future. How about;
- Room heating that only goes on when someone is about to arrive or checks in?
- Wifi connected TV's that allows guests to login into their own Netflix account?
- Contactless Door entry systems that allow someone to open a door with their phone?
- Live information to housekeeping.

6. With a good wifi system you can think of using VOIP phones. These work over the internet instead of down the phone lines, are a lot cheaper and offer all sort of extra features. Mobile handsets, call forwarding, voice answer machines etc.

The Wifi company that we have worked with on several occasions recently is Clevernet, (email help@clevernet.tech and ask for Elena. We are not affiliated but it would probably do us no harm if you can mention our name). They offer a free health check of your wifi network and point out any areas where you can improve.

If you know of any other good Wifi companies would you send us up the details so we can share the details around?