Truly USEFUL Hotel Website Content

Its winter and its probably time to take a breath and think about how the website can be improved. One key area that is always neglected is ‘useful local content’. Hotel Owner/Managers tend to sweat blood and tears making their property look the best they possibly can on the website. Ie Updated photos with the latest bed spreads and shower curtains, but it might pain them to know that their customers are often coming to them with the prime interest of visiting the location, NOT their property. Ie The website should contain as much useful information about the region as it does about the hotel itself.

So lets play a game. Imagine you are off to Seville/Spain for a weekend next week! What would you like to know?

Most likely it comes under these headings;

How to get to the hotel? (from the airport/station etc).
Is this uptodate? Are taxi prices correct? Any new bus routes etc etc.

What to do in 48 hours in Seville?
No…not a simple/wooden list of attractions scraped from TripAdvisor, but list of 10 things to see and do that YOU would personally recommend.

Where to dine in Seville?
If you are researching Seville Restaurants online you would be bogged down with thousands of recommendation, inevitably you will end up asking someone at the reception where is a good place to eat? But why not create YOUR OWN 10 ten recommended restaurants, maybe broken down into 2/3 different price categories.

What to do with children on a rainy day?
Parents worst nightmare! They put all the effort into planning a weekend away with the family only to have them sitting in the hotel all day because of rain. Give them a suggested list of things to do on a rainy day.

The key is probably to make it truly personal and useful, but once you have gone to all this trouble to generate this content for the website…..why not print it out and make it available in the hotel bedrooms?

Its probably also worth mentioning that this sort of content has enormous SEO value. ie A lot of visitors are searching for this sort of content online which is going to result in more traffic to your website.

I know, we have just used up a couple of winter nights you could of had your feet up in front of the living room fire. Sorry for that! But imagine what you will do with the extra income next year!!!!!!!