Upgrades Module

We have now released a new 'Upgrade' module. This allows you to offer a full range of ‘upgrades’ for guests to enhance their stay. With some thought it can also be an extra revenue stream for you.

The Difference
The key change is that you can now set up an extra on each room type. In the past for example it was difficult to have an additional 'fold up bed' as an upgrade as it had to apply to all rooms types, now it can be added to just the room types that have space for a fold up bed.

Less Room Types
We believe that this upgrade may reduce some of the rate types that hotels are setting up making the Allocation page less cluttered and easier to manage. For example it is probably NOT necessary to add a rate type with Dinner as the guest can now select a room then add dinner as an extra. This is now also possible with Breakfast (although we think some hotels will simply prefer to give the guests the option of Room Only or B&B upfront when displaying rates).

Extra Revenue
The key advantages are really 2 fold;
A. You can differentiate your website from the OTA's by giving guests a method of personalising their visit by offering them upgrades, which should encourage guests to book direct and increase the satisfaction with their stay.

B. You can generate extra revenue. Airlines seems to have led the way with some (un-validated) estimates that 60% of Low Cost Airlines profits comes from Non Flight Ticket Sales (ie Hotels and Car Hire etc)

Hotels have really educated us in the business of 'upgrades'. In the leisure break market it may be easier as Hotels have Restaurants and other facilities such as Spa etc. But even City Centre hotels have created useful upgrades including;
Late Check Out 10€
Early Check in 10€
Airport Collections 26€
etc, etc

Give this some thought, it takes very little time to set up and most hotels can always use a little extra customer satisfaction and revenue.

To set up go to the section Booking Engine/Upgrades or give us a call to assist you with the set up.

View Video https://youtu.be/LcDa25PcZao