TripConnect for HotelsWe have promised customers to keep them informed about the results of our trials with TripConnect. (reminder, TripConnect allows AccuBook Customers to display their rates on their TripAdvisor Business Lisiting) Although we believe this is a sound concept that will eventually pay off, so far we have not seen the promised return. Often the PPC Cost has not covered the value of the rooms sold.

However we recently tracked the online sales of one particular customer who seemed to be undergoing a gravity defying growth in online bookings. We could see no obvious reason for this, nothing had changed online, within the property or in the region. Eventually we discovered they were using TripConnect and we investigated why this particular property seemed to be getting an unusually good return on their investment. What we found (anecdotally) was;

A. This is a property with a very high TripAdvisor ranking in their region.
B. Possibly because this property was very small (just 8 rooms), none of the other OTA's were displaying their rates on their TripAdvisor Business Listing, and it is this that we would believe makes TripConnect so successful for this particular customer.