Trading Online Vouchers and Restart Grants

Several countries appear to be helping the shattered hospitality sector with grants of some form to improve their online presence.

What can we offer (FOR PROPERTIES UNDER 10 ROOMS - CONTACT US IF YOU HAVE MORE ROI 074 97 06666 UK 0308 099 4261)

2376€ + VAT pays for this for 2 years, 99€ + VAT  Per Month Thereafter

Brand new website;
- Multi Lingual
- Mobile Enabled
- Content Management System
- Secure Cert
- Includes Hosting Costs

Channel Manager;
Means you dont have to manage rates and availability on these channels anymore
- Expedia
- Hostelworld

Booking Engine;
- Special Offers
- Promotion Codes
- Gift Vouchers

- View your reservations and the room they are in.
- Create invoices


Take a look at this 5 minute video;