Are you still spending time or sweating over the loading of Allocation into a Channel Manager? If a human being is doing this there are bound to be problems and delays. The GuestDiary AUTOMATICALLY controls Allocation, reducing errors and saving you time that you can spend elsewhere. We are also finding that because the Allocation is more accurately controlled room sales are actually increasing.

Its time to stop being a slave to your e mail or Fax Machine. You dont need to sit waiting for bookings to come from your website or the Online Travel Agents, you probably have better things to do! With the Guest Diary System bookings all details (including credit card details) are AUTOMATICALLY loaded into the Diary. What you do with the free time is up to you.

If you have been working in this industry for a long time, it might seem hard to believe that you can a get Channel Manager, Website, Booking Engine and Diary all from one supplier. But if you think about it when you buy a car you dont order the Engine from Peugeot, Gearbox from Ford and Body from Toyota, so why are you doing this for your Accommodation software? The GuestDiary gives you ONE, linked system and just one supplier to deal with.

We know its hard to believe, even new customers dont believe us, and when they first start with the Guest Diary they nervously watch reservations automatically loading into the diary screen, and then after a while they relax and start to let the Diary manage itself.

A true 'Fire and Forget 'system for the Accommodation Industry.

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