Here is a little Christmas Gift for our customers.......... Yes, just what you always wanted...... A Marketing Plan for 2016! (Dont say that AccuBook isnt good to you!)

You can download it from our website (below) either as a PDF to view, or as an Excel Sheet if you want to use it as a template for your own marketing plan.. It is in 2 parts, the top part contains a 'sample' marketing place for a fictional hotel. The lower part is a blank for you to create your own plan.

In our experience the chance of a hotel executing a consistent marketing plan during the year increases 100 fold if you can define most of it at the beginning of the year, because by Easter most Hotel Owner/Managers get hopelessly sucked into the day to day running of the property to be able to lift their heads up enough to do marketing. Additionally if you are delegating to other staff members or marketing companies, you would have a right to expect them to simply execute what you give them instead of coming back to you every month during summer when you are too busy to think strategically.

It helps you to define;
  • When you want to make a promotion (ie June)
  • What you want to promote (ie 3 Night Family Summer Breaks in June)
  • What you are prepared to offer (ie First 10 to book get a 25€ Voucher to spend in the hotel on mum)
  • How you are going to get the message out (ie Ezine, FaceBokPost Boost, Post Card , Print Ad) etc etc
  • What it will cost.

It also allows you to record month by month your website traffic and direct bookings 'year on year' to ensure progress is being made.

Hope that helps!

Sample Hotel Marketing Plan