Release of Rate Checker Widget
We hear a lot of vague discussion about the demise of Rate Parity agreements with OTA's, but it does at least seem certain that this practise is outlawed in France and a few other countries. This has lead to a rise in the demand for 'rate comparison' widgets that compare hotels own rates with the OTA rates when guests do a search for rooms on a hotels own website. Some of our customers even paid and installed 3rd party widgets on their website.

We have now released our own beta version which takes roughly 60 seconds to set up and is available Free of Charge to AccuBook Customers. This is our first version and will almost certainly need tweaking. Essentially when someone searches for a room on your website after a few seconds a pop-up will display showing the rates on the OTA's for the day searched.

Obviously this is only available to customers that are using the Channel Manager (thats where we get the rates from).

The widget will only appear on days where the OTA's also have availability, ie If you have the OTA's closed out the widget will not display. Essentially the widget looks for the cheapest room available on your website and then displays the cheapest room available on each OTA.

Please contact us if you need support to get this up and running.

Video for further information HERE