Pre-Arrival E Mail

We are developing as fast we can to respond to the Covid 19 issue. We have now released a ‘Pre Arrival E Mail’ ie an e mail is sent to your customers before arrival with specific information in it (Sorry only available for GuestDiary users)

How it works;
Go into the section Settings/Customise Diary, scroll down to the field 'Pre Arrival E Mail' add the message you want sending to the customer.
Underneath the field select the time that you want the e mail to go out (ie 2 days).

An automatic e mail with this content by the system IF THERE IS AN E MAIL ADDRESS ATTACHED TO THE RESERVATION. (This includes Online Travel Agents bookings)

How it could be used?:
You can put any information in it about Covid 19.
- Below are our Covid 19 policies.
etc, etc

You can also add anything to into it it that may help you sell additional features in your hotel;
- Dont forget dinner is served from 7pm and you get 10% off your bill......
- Room upgrades are available on request
- Late Checkouts are just 15€..

You can add anything that might be useful to remind customers about;
- Call us if you are arriving after 11pm.
- We are a non smoking hotel.
etc, etc

You can add anything that might help the customer to locate you;
- Take the 939 Bus from the airport and get off at Stop 7.
- Parking is in the Gate Street Multistory.
- Our Post Code is xxxxxxx.
etc, etc

You can add anything that might help the customers enjoy their experience;
- Here is our list of what to do in 72 hours in Bristol.
- Here is our list of recommended restaurants.
etc etc