The term Online Marketing has been banded around for many years, with most people finding it to be a vague elusive concept. If asked very few hotels would be able to state what Online Marketing they are doing beyond sending out e mails to their customers.

However we have noticed this year that hotels are getting better at identifying IN ADVANCE what marketing they are planning to do during the year, and the required budget. After all, much of the year can be predicted with a reasonable degree of accuracy. For example January might be targeting the wedding market (many couples get engaged Christmas and February), February is likely to be Valentines, March Mothers Day, April Easter and so on.

The more advanced hotels are even starting to tie their offline marketing to their online marketing. For example they may know that they need to have their E zine and Adwords ready to market the summer Family Market in May, but they are also timing their Newspaper adverts, Post Card marketing and Reception Pop-ups to the same dates.

Below is a fictional Marketing Plan that combines Offline Marketing with Online Marketing and includes Budget Estimates for the year.


Hotel Marketing