Is it possible for a Diary to Increase Room SalesThe GuestDiary is now up and running with B&B's who only have 2 rooms and Hotels who have 50 rooms. One thing we have noticed, which we are loath to use in our sales and marketing (becuase it sounds like an idle boast), is that it appears to increase room sales for the Guesthouses that use it. We developed the Diary with the target of making life easier for Accommodation Owners, but we did not expect the result to be increased rooms sales, but when we began to explore, the reasons are both obvious and 'human'. Almost all Channel Managers depend on a human being feeding in availability. Naturally humans are cautious and seek to avoid 'double-bookings' by always keeping some rooms in reserve/'up their sleeve'. In addition in some regions OTA cancellations can be as high as 50%. Someone has to receive these cancellations and go back into the Channel Manager and re-open the room. The cancellations might come in over the weekend and not be seen until Monday. In short wherever there is a human action there is likely to be caution and a delay. The GuestDiary works automatically, making available to the OTA's any available rooms. If a cancellation is received from an OTA at 09:38 on Saturday morning that room is back online with the OTA for sale at 09:40. It boils down to more accurate room availability. We would accept that this benefit is more prominent in locations where there is high demand, but we think that almost every property can benefit.