Is a Hotel Website Important?

The 'SEO is dead' article caused a bit of consternation amongst hotels and marketing companies (Especially the ones who make their money from offering SEO work!).

Just to repeat...... its doesnt mean that good SEO work is dead, it was really meant to say that your customers are being grabbed before they even get anywhere near your website, and you should really be looking to advertise in the places where your customers are searching ie TripAdvisor/Trivago/FaceBook/Google Adwords etc.

Which sort of leads us onto the next subject......A Website in itself is NOT really a marketing tool. A marketing tool is generally something that pushes your hotel in front of the eyes of your customer ie An E mail, a post card, telephone call, an advert in a newspaper, radio advertising etc etc. The website itself cannot jump onto the breakfast table of a potential customer, rather a website is more likely to be the DESTINATION you direct the customers to AFTER you have done your marketing.

If the definition of madness is doing the same thing every day and expecting a different result, the online definition of madness is endlessly altering your website and expecting it to acquire more customers without doing any marketing to get them onto the website.!