Room Descriptions/Room Descriptions/Room Descriptions.

Question - What do you think is one of the most frequently asked question of hotels online?
Answer - Would you believe 'Do you have a hair dryer in the room?'.

This puzzled us for sometime but eventually we realised that many people are travelling by plane, and there is relentless pressure to avoid 'checked in luggage'. Avoiding having to take a hairdryer saves weight and avoids problems going through the security detector.

Fo this and other reasons we would strongly suggest that you beef up your room descriptions to make sure you have displayed what you are offering to its fullest advantage


Sample Room Description

Title - Single Room 
Room Description - Single Room, Sleeps 1. Room Only

Same Room with a bit of effort put in to the Room Title and Description.....which do you prefer?

Title - Single Room Free Wifi, Parking and Breakfast.
Room Description - These rooms have been recently refurbished and are fully ensuite with toilet, shower and bath and toileteries. Also available in the room is Tea and Coffee making Facilities, Flat Screen TV, Hairdryer and Free Wifi. Iron and ironing board available upon request.

Hotel Owner / Managers are notoriously bad at describing their own rooms, working in the hotel every day they forget what they have to offer. Ask an 'outsider' to check your room descriptions to see if you have the most from them.