How do you Explain the Guest Diary?

How do you explain to a hassled guesthouse owner, who has been used to to taking bookings from an e mail or fax for the last 10 years and writing it in a book or entering into a PMS System that they no longer need to do it? How do you overcome a frazzled Receptionists suspicion when you tell them they no longer have to worry about loading too many or too few rooms into a Channel Manager?

Like the many advertisements nowadays for 'free products' it sounds just too good to be true......Even though we have been working towards this goal for the last 10 years, and on the software for the last 3 is still new for us too. But we are there! The AccuBook GuestDiary is in the hands of some 30 customers. None of them have actually SAID that with the extra time they have taken up Ballroom Dancing or 'Learnt to Play the Saxophone'... but they could!

In short.....The Diary is integrated to the website etc, bookings come in and AUTOMATICALLY drop straight into the dont need to do anything.....and because we know how many rooms you have, and how many reservations you have, we AUTOMATICALLY manage the room allocation (In the words of George Bush 'read my no longer have to manage room availability').

In fairness whenever a new customer switches to the AccuBook Diary initially they are suspicious and nervous. They watch the reservations screen anxiously waiting for something to go wrong, then over time they start to relax and let the system manage itself.

If you are still doubtful we don’t blame you (thats why the free trial exists!). Of one thing we are pretty sure, in 12-24 months time you will look back and wonder why you spent so much of your life transferring bookings from one system to another or sweating about room availability.

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