Guest Diary University Released

After successfully passing the ‘Beta’ stage with over 20 customers completing the training we are now releasing to all GuestDiary customers on Monday October 12th the Training Modules for the GuestDiary University (GDU).

This is our first attempt at a comprehensive suite of training materials comprising videos, tests and certificates and we expect to build on this during 2021.

As a by-product we hope to be able to form a 'community' with Hotel Staff who are GDU certified and communicate with them on an ongoing basis with updates about our system and news and alerts from the hotel industry in general. We find that most hotel reservation staff appreciate the opportunity to broaden their knowledge about the industry and build up their skillset, and this in turn can lead to a more positive approach to Revenue Management for the hotels.

What our customers say;

The beauty of GDU is that it is both a tool for training new reservation staff and a refresher course for seasonal staff. Staff don’t remember everything when they have been off for a while, but having done the training they know where to do a quick refresher course or search for a solution to their query.

It saves us time because we do not have to sit down and train staff ourselves.

Certification is a good tool because I then know that staff have acquired a good knowledge of the system.

Laura Moynihan Duty Manager - Earls Court Hotel

Thank you for coming up with the idea of GDU. In the current circumstances of restricted movement and mixing, GDU is an extremely useful tool for remote training. Myguestdiary is a very user-friendly system and easy to learn, however GDU is an efficient unified training platform for GuestDiary users to learn the system, test themselves, and refer to in case of any questions. GDU is definitely a starting point for anyone joining reservations and front desk team and a great time-saver for trainers.

Certificates of completion gave us all more confidence. Also training course helped us to discover extra features of the system to use in marketing.

Asya Manager - Listowel Arms