GuestDiary Setup Process

We are often asked what is involved with the set up process of the GuestDiary so we thought we should list some of the key points.

How long does it take to set up the GuestDiary System?
The set up of the GuestDiary System complete with the website can in a hurry take 7 days from the day we received the room set up and website content.

Who does the Diary/PMS Set up?
GuestDiary staff do that for you. We ask you to simply send the room set up ie the Bed configuration in each room.

Who does the room rates?.
We will set up the rateplans using any rates supplied to us but we do ask the property to check and edit the rates themselves.

Who enters the reservations into the system?
We can 'pull' into the system your future reservations (which tends to be the majority) but all others reservation have to be manually entered by the hotel staff. There is no hiding that this can involve sitting a in a dark room for a couple of hours, but we tend to find any staff who undertake this work tend to gather a good understanding of how the system works. In other words it is a great training exercise.

Who does the mapping to the OTA's?
GuestDiary will do this for you, we do need you to open the connection from the OTA's ie Expedia/ for us, but this generally takes 5 minutes and we guide you through the process.

Who builds the website?
GuestDiary build the website for you. We can either use text from your current website or you can send it to us seperately. Images should be supplied to us ideally in High Res format.

How are the staff trained?
We have a complete Guest Diary University (GDU) with videos and questions that we ask anyone using the GuestDiary undertakes. Particpants obtain a certificate after completion. In addition we can supply any extra online training requested (at no extra cost).

What can go wrong in the process?

Its usually a pretty smooth process, however;
  • Strangely enough Hotel/Guesthouse owners do not know who owns their website address, and getting access to the domain name to repoint it to a new website can involve some investigation and 'head scratching'.
  • Some properties seem to sell different rooms on as they actually have in the property. For example selling Single Rooms on that dont actually exist in the property, but they may have Family Rooms on Expedia that dont exist on etc. The reason for these disparities are often lost in the mist of time so the move to a 'connected system' can involve a very useful streamlining' and 'spring-cleaning' of the room types across the different sales channels. GuestDiary can guide this process.
  • Hotel/Guesthouse Owners can tend to 'over-think' their rooms types...Room 1 is a Double with Pink Curtains and Room 2 is a Double with a nice view etc. Ideally to retain flexibility you are better off trying to reduce your room types as it increases your ability to move people around your property to maximise your room sales.
Thats all we think off! it really is possible to have it all done and dusted in 7 days!!