Guest Diary University Feedback

Just received this message from a GuestDiary Customer;

Morning - just completed your 4 lessons - extremely relevant in pro-active, easy to follow steps. Lesson 4 - the best example of how you & your team can use all your experience & knowledge to harness the power of the GuestDiary software. Really glad you spent the time putting it all together - hopefully you have been rewarded by most of your customers taking advantage of these free lessons - off to get other relevant members of my team to complete the course now! Looking forward to more in depth exploration & exploitation of lesson 4 by us. And also looking forward - hopefully - to further in depth detail into lesson 4 by the GuestDiary team! Thanks again.

We know our first attempt at the GuestDiary University is not perfect but feedback like that gladdens our soul and makes the effort worthwhile.

Don’t let any of your staff open up the GuestDiary System until they have undertaken the GuestDiary University!!