The AccuBook system contains many graphs,measurements and statistics with which to help hotels maximise their business, but possibly one of the most commonly used is the Demand Manager. This shows the correlation between Demand (the amount of people looking for rooms on a particular day) and Pricing (average room prices on a particular day).

This allows hotel Revenue Managers to 'yield' their rates to get the optimum for their property.

A recent addition to the Demand Manager graph is the the average price of rooms for LAST YEAR. This not only gives hotels a guide to how they were pricing rooms in the previous 12 months but also gives them an indication of the general direction they are going in with room rates, ie Are they able to achieve better room rates this year.

The addition of last Years pricing also adds extra information to enable better pricing. Demand is a good indicator, but arguably it does not give an indication where Last Minute Demand occurs. Looking at the previous years pricing may provide hints as to where Demand may suddenly jump at the last minute.

Demand Management