AccuBook are pleased to announce the release of the new Events Module for the AccuBook GuestDiary

The Events Module is in 2 parts and contains the following features;

1. Website Content Manager

Ever had an event going on in the hotel you wanted to get onto your website quickly and easily? ie A Celebrity Visitor pops in, That beaming bride, a new award etc etc. From your mobile phone you can now add text and images on to your website (And dont forget the web SEO benefits).
This works for AccuBook generated websites

2. Pricing Alert and Task Manager

So Justin Bieber is coming to the local town hall on the first Friday in June!! You can now add an event and have it appear as a Pricing Alert on the top of the Diary Screen so that all Diary users know there is an event in town that requires careful pricing.
Accommodation Providers often need to keep their staff informed about the many small issues that are going on during the day that they may wish to inform other staff members about. Wifi repair man coming at 12.00/Room 12 out of action today/Save Car Park Space for Room 28 etc etc. With the Task Manager you can set the day and time of a task and it is displayed to all staff with GuestDiary access.
Contact AccuBook if you would like to know more