Derived Rates Module Released

The recently released 'Derived Rates' module of the AccuBook Booking Engine continues to show positive results, in essence it allows hotels to set up a room or a 'Derived Rate Package' where the pricing is automatically the hotel does not have to manage the rates, but the customer has more choice ie A Typical Hotel customer may in the past have set up and sold a Double Room B&B, but because the Derived Rates mean that rates are automatically calculated (therefore the hotel does not have to manage them) they may be more willing to set up extra  rate types ie
Double Room Only (Base Rate)
- Double Room B&B (Extra 8€ Per Person)
- Double Room Advance Purchase (Minus 5%)
- Double Room with Dinner (Extr 18€ Per Person)

They are even going as far as setting up Derived Rate Packages, which are products that can easily be offered all year round with a price based on the room price ie

- Celebration Special - 2 B&B + 1 Candellight Dinner + Late Checkout (Base Rate + 25€ Per Person)
- City Tour Special - 2 B&B + 2 City Bus Tour Tickets (Base Rate + 10€ Per Person)

This module was developed to make the management of room rate easier, but we have seen some anecdotal evidence that bookings with hotels that embarice 'Derived rates' experience a growth in bookings, and we can only conclude that custoemrs like the extra chocies they are given.

Check out video below