Contactless/Remote Check-in

Originally we had planned this to be a chargeable module but with the rise of Covid-19 we have decided to offer it as a free module to any of our customers using the GuestDiary that want it. Everyone is well aware of the need to maintain distance and reduce grouping of staff and guests.

How does it work?

Customers will also automatically receive an email on the morning of their arrival date. (Alternatively you will be able to send notifications via the "Contactless Reminder" button to 'guests arriving today'). In the e mail they are asked to check-in via a link in the email. When the guest clicks the link they will be taken to the Guest Portal to check-in.

At this point they can add contact details that may be missing ie Address, and they must agree to any Terms and Conditions that currently appear on your sign-in form (just like they would at the front desk).

Some of our hotel customers require the ID of their customers to be provided. The Remote Check-in can be optionally configured so that the customer has to add some form of ID when doing a remote check-in.

Once the guest completes the check-in process you will be notified in the "Contactless Portal" and in the alerts on the right hand panel of MyGuestDiary.Com. Here you can view the details provided by the guest during their check-in. Once you have reviewed the sign in details of the guest you can also acknowledge the check-in. This will ensure your colleagues know your required internal steps have been completed.

Acknowledging the check-in also sends an email with a default message to the user, you can also add custom text to each acknowledgement. The custom message might be a pin for a keypad on a small lock box to retrieve the key, or guidance on where they can collect the key.

Please contact us to activate the Contactless/Remote Check-in.