The below research was done to support a marketing push into the French Market, but we thought it might be useful to pass to all our customers.

This was not intended to be an in depth analysis, but we compared the top 10 AccuBook Hotels in France with the top 10 hotels in Ireland. In summary it shows that Irish Hotels are reaping the benefits of investing in Online Marketing, whilst French Hotels are paying the price of doing nothing.

For example it shows that 80% of Irish Hotels are using Adwords and 60% have a TripAdvisor Business Listing, but of our top 10 French Hotels only 10% have a TripAdvisor Business Listing and 10% have a Google Adwords Campaign.

The result? In this sample of hotels 42.88% of Irish Hotels online bookings was direct through their own website whereas only 9.83% of online business comes direct through a French Hotel website.

Its hard to read anything about the hotel industry nowadays without coming across the discussion about hotels losing out in the war for direct business, but this really does point to a trend that we have long suspected; In general a hotel can have as much direct online business as they are prepared to make an investment for.

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