If you are already on the beach in Barbados....enjoy yourself, you have surely earned the break.

If however you are manning the barricades over Christmas a couple of quick issues.

1. All of the customers using the AccuBook Website have the ability to quickly and simply send an Ezine (Email) to customers who have booked with you through AccuBook. If you have never sent an E zine (Shame on you!) get one out now, at the very least to wish your customers Happy Christmas. This feature is in the Extranet Day Manager/Promotion Tools/E Mail Guests.

If you want some help give us a shout, but do use this (Free) opportunity to boost your Brand Awareness.

2. On a similar subject......after a bit of a lull during the recession, Gift Vouchers are back in fashion. If you have an AccuBook Website you have the opportunity to sell Gift Vouchers online....and there always seems to be a bit of a rush on Christmas Eve (Even Christmas Day). Again if you dont have them set-up and need help give us a call.

Finally, many thanks for your business and we hope you have a prosperous New Year.

From everyone at AccuBook