11 Point Checklist for reopening Hotels and Guesthouses.

Check your room rates and availability are set.
Bet you think it is but do a room search in your website and the OTA sites to make SURE it is.

Check the OTA's are open when you want them to be.
You will be amazed what issues may have cropped up during such this current Covid-19 period.

Check the Terms and Conditions on your rate plans.
Cvoid-19 has effectively killed of Non Refundable rate plans for the moment. Check what your customers are seeing on your website and the OTA's.  Do you need to make 'Refundable' more prominent?

Add the hotel open date to your website Popup.
As soon as you know the open date get is displayed on your website.

Add to your website and Terms and Conditions any Covid-19 Procedures.
Customers may still be nervous so make sure you inform your guests about Covid-19 Policies and Procedures on your website.

Set up your Special Offers.
With luck guests will be keenly searching for an opportunity to get away. Make sure you have your Special offers ready, especially the Family ones for the expected Staycation demand.

Upload any local News and Events to the website.
Freshen up the website with some local news and events. This may also help attract the Staycation Market

Order your reception 'Pull Ups' Roads Signs and Wall Signs.
There is always lead time with these items, and the designers/printers could face a rush as soon as the marketplace reopens.

Check the open date for your Google Adwords.
Dot leave this too late. You will need to have your Adwords reopened as soon as an open date is announced. Not the day the hotels opens.

Plan 3 Quick FaceBook Ads.
The quickest and fastest way to reach out to the marketplace. Have 3 FaceBook Ads written placed and ready to go.

Make sure your Gift Vouchers are setup and correct.
Often forgotten about until too late at Christmas! Get them sorted right now whilst you have the time. With luck you will be too busy to do it later in the year.