Channel Prioritising Back in Fashion

You know business is improving in the Hotel Industry when Hotels start to ring us in October asking how to close out OTA's for the following summer.

Commonly known as 'Channel Prioritising' in the industry, a short 2 minute video shows you how to do it using the AccuBook System

We tend to find that hotels do this best when management give their staff clear guidelines when or when not to prioritise;

ie 'Close out the OTA's when we have less than 20% of our rooms available 2 weeks out'.

A note of caution however. If you are relying on the OTA's to do your marketing (and they do an excellent job) then simply closing out availability can lead to you sitting on empty rooms. 'Channel Prioritisation' is a game that you can only really play if you are doing your own marketing.

If you are not sure what this is, or if you suspect your staff are not using it properly, give us a call........ it has the capacity to save you thousands.