A couple of new features came out yesterday in the AccuBook Booking Engine and Channel Manager and we thought we would take the opportunity to mention a couple of more recent updates.

AccuBook Booking EngineThe Allocation Screen has the following changes;

1. If you have Base Allocation with an OTA (also known as Contracted Rooms) and on a particular day we are unable to set the room quantity to less than the Base Allocation we warn you with an exclamation mark on the top row of the Allocation screen (See image attached). If you hover over the exclamation mark it will tell you the OTA and room type where Base Allocation issue exists.

2. The button that opens and closes the OTA's has been moved above the dates, this is to prevent people thinking that closing the OTA's also close AccuBook Inventory (it doesnt).

3. The Freeze Rates button has been moved to the bottom of the Allocation Screen. It is only used by a small amount of properties (Useful if for example a hotel has a Wedding or Conference or wanted to ensure that no one accidentally changed the agreed rate) but this change prevents anyone from confusing ‘Freezing of Rates’ with ‘Inventory Closing’.

A reminder of recently added Features
  • Low Inventory Close Out - It is now possible to introduce a setting that closes out particular OTA's when inventory reaches a certain level. ie Close Out OTA 'x' when my total inventory reaches 2 rooms.
  • Uplifts - It is now possible to introduce percentage or price difference in the Channel Manager ie OTA 'x' can be increased by 5% or 5€

If you want to know more about these features please contact us info@accubook.net