Black Friday in the Hotel Industry

Along with Halloween and Debs Balls, Black Friday is another recent import from the USA. This seemed to hit the European Hotel Industry with a bang in 2015. Some reports say that as much as 8% of a retail companies business is done on Black Friday. November 27th is the date planned for Black Friday in 2015.

We thought it would be a good idea to remind customers of some of the features that could be used in the AccuBook System if you intend doing a Back Friday Promotion.

1. Promotion Codes (Tab Booking Engine/Promotion Codes) - Easily the favourite, this allows hotels to create a code that can be used during booking to obtain either a % discount, a fixed amount off or a special fixed room price. This can be applied to specific rooms over a specific date period.
ie 25% off our Double Rooms if you book before Friday 21st December etc

2. Packages - This can be used to create Specific Offers (Tab Booking Engine/Packages)
ie Black Friday Offer 2 B&B with 3rd Night Free

3. Secret Offers (Tab Booking Engine/Packages, tick field 'Keep Secret') - As above the offer can be created and then made 'hidden', ie not visible to anyone casually browsing on your website. Only the people who receive the link from you can access this package. For example you could create an offer then paste the link as a status update on your FaceBook FanPage.
ie Black Friday FaceBook Offer. 2 B&B and a FREE Dinner if you book before Friday 21st.

Gift Vouchers

During the recession Gift Vouchers seemed to go out of fashion. But they appear to be back with a bang! If you havent already done so you can set up Gift Vouchers in the AccuBook Extranet in the section Booking Engine/Vouchers. Might be worth casting your eye over what Vouchers you have set up and displaying on your website? Can your customer easily find the vouchers section on your website or is it hidden?
A common December promotion appears to be;
'Buy a 100€ Voucher for just 90€ before December 21st'.

Let us know if you need any help to set up any of these promotions;

Some Useful Videos

Creation of Packages and Offers;

Creation of Promotion Codes

Any Comments?