Benefits of Updated Website ContentBenefits of Updated Website Content

We cant measure this for sure, but we believe that guests who land on a website with updated content (Events/News/Offers etc) absorb the 'sublimical' message that 'someone is at home' and are more encouraged to book there and then. It makes sense..... if you land on a website that looks stale or out of date you are automatically encouraged to book with the 'safe option'... ie one of the OTA's. It should also be old news by now that putting new content onto a website has the added benefit of improving the search engine ranking.

However we notice that many properties consider updating their website as 'A task that must only be done with immense thought and precision'....consequently, it is never done. A website is a method of posting content to the internet, just like FaceBook, and yet it is not unusual for us to find a hotels FaceBook page bulging with News and the Website News section empty. Try and adapt the discipline that when you have a snippet of useful content post it in Facebook, then post it in the Website, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter etc. We know....10,0000 Social Media experts have just exploded at the thought of posting the same content....but if we had a choice we would go for the same message being posted in several different locations rather than no messages being posted at all!.