We are often surprised how what we here in AccuBook may consider to be relatively small changes (in programming terms) can have such a big effect on a hotels business. Two features we could classify in this category would be the Rate Comparison Widget and the Channel Prioritisation Button, both of which, with one click of a button allow Hotels to drive much more business direct onto your lowest cost channel (i.e. your own website).

(If you are not familiar with the Channel Prioritisation feature within AccuBook then watch this short video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oP7-jMIZI-4)

We think the new 'Auto Prioritise' feature that we are announcing today will go into the same bracket as the two features already mentioned above.

Many customers have told us that they like the idea of Channel Prioritising, but don’t have the time to monitor this themselves. So here is your answer!

AccuBook’s new Auto Prioritise feature will AUTOMATICALLY close out the OTA's, leaving your own website open, when certain criteria are met. For example, when just 4 rooms are available with a lead time of 30 days (in this case you would be relatively confident that you can sell the rooms yourself).

This is ideal for properties who are doing their own marketing....if you are relying on the OTA's to do all your marketing for you this may not be the right tool, as your website will not have the traffic to pick up the slack when the OTA's are closed out. Additionally if you are on the ball with rate management, checking rates and 'prioritising' 3 or 4 times per day, this tool might be too 'rough' for you, you simply dont need it. However for the properties who struggle to find the time to do things like 'prioritise' this could be ideal for you.

We expect some hotels to start off conservatively with safe 'Auto Prioritise' settings i.e. Setting very low inventory levels and long lead time, then as they get more confident set the Auto Prioritise at higher inventory levels and shorter lead times.

If you are interested to know more or want to set this up drop us a line info@accubook.net

See video here https://youtu.be/PlLj7CkHqyU