Existing Customers do not need to do anything, in fact it is unlikely they will notice a change (except days with 'zero allocation' will be yellow instead of red).

Essentially you will be able to set up rates with 'derived/tied' prices and availability. For example you may at present have a Double Room Only, in future we will be able to set up for you;
1. Double Room B&B (+14€),
2. Double Room Only Advance Purchase (-10%)
3. Double Room B&B + 1 Dinner (+35€)
The key is that the rates are automatically calculated, you do not have to do anything.

Managing Booking Engines is always something of a paradox for hotels. Customers like choice to book a room with breakfast, without or including dinner etc, but hotels do not have the resources to manage all the different rates. With the release of this module, hotels will be able to offer their customers more choice without the extra work of managing the rates and availability.
You do not have to use the new features, but over winter give us a call so we can explain in more detail about how they might help you sell more.
Short 5 Minute Video Here http://screenr.com/EU58