9 things you want your hotel website to do

You want to be able to add News and Events to the website from an App
It seems like a fact of life that any interesting moments that happen in a hotel tend to be on the spur of the moment ie a Celebrity walking in! Whipping out the mobile hone and uploading from an App is the fastest way to capture these moments.

It should display 'live' Special Offers
If you have gone to the trouble of setting up a Special Offer in your Booking Engine no one wants the additonal work of calling a web designer to get them to add it to the website. It should dipslay as soon as you set it up and disappear when there is no more future availability.

It should display any upcoming Events and News automatically.
Likewise if you have gone to the trouble of creating News and Events then the website should remove the events after the start date is passed and the push down the news when a new item is added. Old Events and News on a website sends a sigla that you do not care about your website and maybe your business.

It should have a secure cert (Https.....)
Google have recently started discouraging viewers from using websites that do not have a secure cert ie 'S' in the https.

It should have a manageable 'Popup'.
Still a good way of directing a hot topic to a website viewer.

It should have a CMS to allow you to control the content (Content Management System).
A website is just a way of publishing content to the internet, but nowadays having somebody else adding content to the website is like getting someone else to do your shopping! You should have a CMS to add content to the website and you should be using it.

It should automatically display if you have last minute availability.
For those last minute bookers, a message that say 'YES we have rooms tonight' will encourage them to complete the transaction.

It must be multi lingual.
For a hotel in London for example 70% of visitors are from overseas.

It must be visible to people using their mobile phones.
More searches are done on mobile phones than PC/Laptops. Do you test your website on your mobile phone?