9 things to check on your Online Travel Agents (OTA) Listings

Is your Map Location Correct?
Always a bad start to the guest experience if they turn up at the wrong location.

Do you have the latest photographs uploaded?
You had some photography done last year, but have you uploaded them to all your OTA's.

Are the room correctly/fully described?
Did you remember to say your rooms are Ensuite and you have Free Wifi (its not obvious to everyone).

Is your property correctly/fully described with all facilities and amenities?
Bet you have forgotten to say you have Free Parking/24 Hour Reception.

Do you have all your room types set up?
What about those rooms you upgraded to Superiors you spent tens of thousands on? Are they definitely listed?

Do you have all your rate plans set up?
So now you are doing Room Only and Advance Purchase? Are they set up on all the OTA's?

Do you have the relevant extras/upgrades created?
Hotel industry is a bit behind the airline industry here, but dont lose out on opportunities to upsell other revenue streams.

Are your checkin and checkout times correctly set?
Again a bad way to start a customer experience if they are set incorrectly and a guest ends up sitting in reception waiting for a room.

Are the child prices set correctly?
Especially with the current Staycation trend, you could be losing out if are not showing correct child pricing.