8 Free Tools Useful for Hotels and Guesthouses

We decided to share with you some free tools we find particularly useful here at the GuestDiary.com.

All the tools and software listed here are free to use. They all offer a free account or the choice of a paying account with added features. If you are at the beginning of the online marketing campaign for your Hotel, B&B or Holiday Rental, a free account will satisfy most of your needs for a while.

Short Read:

Here are the 8 Tools we use daily :

1.      Pixabay – Free online Photo Library

2.      Canva – Image Working Software – (Simple version of Photoshop)

3.      Awesome Screenshot – Allows you to easily take Screenshots.

4.      Mailchimp – E zine generator for bulk e mailing.

5.      LastPass - Secure online ‘safe’ for your passwords

6.      Google Alert – Alerts you when people post specific content to the Web.

7.      Wetransfer – Allows you to transfer images online.

8.      Reverso – Free online Spell Checker

Long Read:

1 Pixabay
This is a free online photo library. This site has professional photos free of rights. You can download these photos for free for your website, post on Facebook, to illustrate a blog article…

2. Canva
Canva offers an ultra simplified version of photoshop. Thanks to Canva you will be able to create a professional advertising image without having any technical knowledge. Canva offers a free or paid subscription depending on the features you want to use. The free account is very complete with a template for Facebook post and videos.

3. Awesome Screenshot
This is a free extension for your browser. It allows you to take screenshots very easily. This extension is very handy when you encounter a technical problem: by sending a screenshot of your problem to your account manager, he can analyze more quickly where the problem comes from.


4. Mailchimp
Mailchimp is an online software that lets you easily send email campaigns to your customers. Mailchimp offers a free account to start with up to 500 contacts in your database. If you are new to email campaigns, the free account should cover your needs for a while.

5. LastPass
This is a secure online safe for your passwords. You can subscribe to a free or paid account depending on the number of users. Thanks to Last Pass you will have only one password: all sites and other passwords are managed directly from your account. Not only does Last Pass offer more security than an Excel password file, Last Pass allows you to access your passwords anywhere, anytime. You can share your access with other users and stop this sharing at any time.

6. Google Alert
Google Alert is a free tool that we particularly like for writing blogs. If you're short of inspiration or need to keep yourself informed easily on certain topics, just go to Google Alert and create an alert. For example if you are a Hotel in Uzès, you can set up an alert 'Uzes France' 4 Festival Uzès’

Google will send you an alert everytime something new have been published about your ‘ theme / subject’ : Google Alert gives you access to a constant flow of information from which you will find blog subjects to keep your website up to date with relevent information.

7. Wetransfer
Wetransfer is a free website that lets you send large files like photos in seconds.

8. Reverso
It is a free online spell checker. When you publish things online, it’s always better without spelling mistakes!