6 reasons a PMS connected to a Channel Manager increases sales.

  • Your sales channels have access to ALL your rooms, not what your hard pressed reservation staff remember to load into a Channel Manager.
  • Better access to availability improves your ranking with the OTA's
  • Cancellations are processed instantly, returning cancelled rooms to sales in a matter of minutes.
  • Revnue Managers are not 'Keeping rooms up their sleeves' because the risk of over booking is reduced.
  • With an automatic system You are more confident to use extra OTA's/Sales Channels.
  • Without the hassle of managing allocation or processing reservations staff have more time to flex room rates.
All this and don't forget the added benefits of the PMS and Channel Manager developed by the same company.

We developed a combined PMS and Channel Manager with the intention of reducing the workload for hotel reservation staff. Reservations would not need to be taken from fax or e mail and manually entered into a book or PMS, and no one would need to manage Allocation in a Channel Manger or OTA. However we have seen that many of our Guesthouses and Hotels have found an icnrease in rooms sales and we decided to investigate why this happens (See Above).