Free Resource - Hotel Website Specification - SHORT READ

25 things you want from your Hotel Website
Feel free to use it as a Website Specification in your next meeting with your website supplier.

  1.  It must be mobile enabled.
  2.  It must be multi-lingual.
  3.  It must score 50 or above on Google Website Speed Tester for the MOBILE SITE.
  4.  It must have a Secure Cert.
  5.  A Badge on the homepage that appears when rooms are available tonight.
  6.  Content must be controllable by you (ie have a Content Management System).
  7.  It must be possible to edit the content from a mobile phone.
  8.  It must have a method of only loading the content the browser can see ('LazyLoader')
  9.  It must have a Privacy Policy.
  10.  It must have a Cookie Policy.
  11.  It should be possible to upload Documents.
  12.  It should be possible to edit the Metatags.
  13.  The Booking Engine must be in a prime location on the website.
  14.  You want to be able to create 'popup' on the website.
  15.  It should be possible to add a Google Analytics Account.
  16.  It should be possible to measure Google Adwords Conversions.
  17.  It should contain a SiteMap.
  18.  It should have a blog for News and Events.
  19.  It should be possible to add widgets (ie TripAdvisor reviews etc).
  20.  It should AUTOMATICALLY display my available Special Offers.
  21.  It should be able to display Special Offers.
  22.  Should show your room rates in graph format (a la Ryanair)
  23.  Images should be stored in a manner that allows them to display quickly (commonly known as a CDN)
  24.  It should be possible to add links to your social media sites
  25.  Guests should be able to 'opt-in/sign up' to your Marketing Campaigns

Ok, the last one is more of a ‘GuestDiary ideology’, but....your Website should come from the same company who supplies your Booking Engine