Free Resource – Hotel Booking Engine Specification - SHORT READ

25 things you want from your booking Engine Supplier

  1.  Should be mobile enabled.
  2.  Rooms should be displayed by lowest room first.
  3.  Should be embedded prominently on the homepage of the website.
  4.  Should allow guests to book upgrades/extras
  5.  Should display a message if rooms are available today (to encourage booking conversion).
  6.  Should display rooms and rates with a minimum stay longer than the day search (to encourage longer stays).
  7.  Should show alternatives if there are no rooms available for the quantity of adults searched.
  8.  Should display alternative days if there is no availability for the day searched.
  9.  Should display a message if no rooms are available (ie Contact us to join our waiting list etc).
  10.  The Ability to prioritise the display of a Special Offer to the top of a Booking Engine.
  11.  Special Offers should be highlighted when displayed.
  12.  Ability to add content to the Booking Confirmation (How to find us etc).
  13.  Should provide room prices in different currencies.
  14.  Should allow larger images of the room to be visible when clicked.
  15.  Should show room descriptions.
  16.  Should be multi-lingual.
  17.  Should allow rooms to be sold in different rate plans (ie Room Only or B&B).
  18.  Should ask guests to confirm the Terms and Conditions.
  19.  Should give guests the option to opt-in/out of the Marketing program.
  20.  You should be able to measure using Google Analytics.
  21.  You should be able to measure Google Adwords Conversions.
  22.  Should provide guests with a clear Booking Confirmation.
  23.  Should provide guests with a method of cancelling the reservation.
  24.  Once on your Booking Engine the guest should see the 'https' (Secure).
  25.  Should allow Gift Vouchers to be booked.

Finally, once again…this is something of a ‘GuestDiary Ideology....but…..we believe strongly that your booking Engine supplier should come from the same company that supplies your Website.