Sample Hotel Marketing Plan

Every year AccuBook produces a Sample Marketing Plan. Its impossible to produce a plan that suits all sizes and types of properties, but we hope that our sample Marketing Plan introduces a few fundamental concepts.
1. Guess what! You need a plan of Sales Promotions, otherwise you will spend all year simply 'reacting' with people running in circles.
2. Someone needs to be responsible for the execution of the plan.
3. The 'Targets' (what you are trying to achieve) needs to be defined.
4. A budget should be defined.
5. A portion of the budget should be retained for unplanned/'spur of the moment' Sales and Marketing.
6. There is no 'magi'c marketing method, you need a 'Marketing Mix'.
7. For every marketing push you need to consider
  • What is your Message (What are you offering?)
  • What is your Market (Who is your target audience?).
  • What is your Means (How are you getting the message out ie Mail/Facebook/Adwords etc?)
  • What Money are you going to invest (What is your budget?)
8. Results should be measured.

Download the Sample Marketing Plan HERE