10 ways to attract the Domestic Market

Written at a time when Covid19 appears to be threatening the attraction of international travel we thought we would put together a few ideas on what you can do to attract the Local/Domestic market.

Look again at Family Packages - Is it time to think about 'Kids Go Free' or 'Kids Eat Free' or 'All Inclusive' packages.
The theory is that flying with kids is not going to be very attractive in the short term. So what can you do to attract families to your hotel?

Should you go back to offering packages with Local Attraction Providers '2 B&B and Tickets to xxxxx'.
This used to be popular but most hotels found it easier and less hassle to simply sell rooms. Is it time to look again at what you can offer together with the local attractions. Even if the package itself doesnt sell it does at least show what the area has to offer enough to tempt a customer to buy a room.

Review the list of Local Attractions on your website. Are you really selling what you have around you?
Often difficult for the hotel owner/manager themselves to do because they dont see things that are under their nose. ie Those empty beaches, the waymarked walks, the local walking guide, the Heritage Museum etc etc

Create a page on your website 'What to do in 72 hours in xxxxxx'
So you are a busy person but you have managed to organise a weekend away to Seville for you and your partner and you want to get the most out of it. You dont have the time to spend weeks researching it, wouldnt it be nice if someone would gave you a list of the key things to see and do in 72 hours in Seville?

Is your Google Adwords set up to appear ONLY in the Domestic Market?
Google Adwords can be set up to advertise to viewers anywhere in the world or just people living in a specific area. Check your Adwords Campaign is targeting solely people living in the domestic market.

Use FaceBook to target local markets ie 'Customers within a 100 mile radius' etc.
FaceBook PAID Marketing (forget about your FaceBook page for a second) can target specific customers ie Parents, between ages 25 and 50, within 50 to 100 miles radius of your hotel.

Is it worth looking again at Domestic advertisers ie Newspapers/Radio Stations?
Admit it, you stopped adverting in the national newspapers several years ago. Is it time to give them another try to reach the domestic market?

Is a Post Card Drop to your Domestic Customers worth considering?
Reaching overseas customers via post was always expensive, but does it make sense to give them a try for the domestic market? ie Families? The Older Generation?

Can you get your Hotel/Guesthouse website address listed on the websites of Local Attractions Providers?
You are probably going to have to look at the adding more content about local attraction providers on your own website, so why not ask them for a link back. Set aside an hour and contact them all.

Is your Local Events calendar on your website up to date?
You are trying to attract the domestic market in what your area has to offer, so make sure all the events that are planned in your area are listed in your Events Calendar on your website.