10 New Years Resolutions for Guesthouses and Hotels


I will get someone in my organisation trained how to add content to the website.
Come on its 2021! Stop your dependence on your web designer. Get someone in the property to learn how to at least add news and events from the region. If your website supplier doesnt offer a Content Management System then change website supplier.

I will find at least 5 locations to advertise my website address inside the property.
Its astonishing how little accommodation providers will promote their own website within their property. Add the website address on the Menus, Guest Signs in Forms, Invoices, display it in the bedrooms, lifts and toilets.

I will adjust my prices more regularly and use a clear strategy/guideline for pricing.
City Centre Hotels tend to be better at this but how often are you adjusting your rates? Who is responsible to do it? If you want to delegate the responsibility then you need to offer guidelines ie 3€/£ less than the 'Cedar Gardens Hotel' down the road etc.

I will check my monthly analytics report to at least see if my website traffic is going up or down.
A bog standard/simple metric to follow is how many website visitors you are getting in a month to your website. Do you know? Is it going up or down? What are you going to do about it?

I will do at least 6 Facebook Promotions this year.
Forget all that talk about FaceBook being a 'social media' channel that only the Voodoo trained younger generation can operate. Think of it as the worlds greatest database and start doing some paid marketing.

I will learn to use an E Mail Program ie Mailchimp and start communicating with my customers.
Its time you were communicating with your customers by e mail on a frequent basis. Put in place a method to gather a database and get someone communicating with them.

I will start using Google Adwords and use it for at least 6 promotions this year.
One of the main marketing tools for accommodation providers. it used to be seen as sorcery now most people at least understand the basics. So create an account and plan at least 6 promotions this year. ie Mothers Day/Fathers Day/Halloween/Christmas Vouchers etc etc

I will ensure that i am offering best value direct through my own website.
You think you are? I bet you are not. We have seen how this works, the OTA's ring you on a busy day and you agree to a new fangled rateplan which effectively makes the OTA rates cheaper than your own website. What else could you do to offer best value through your own website? Free Room Upgrades/Free Wifi/Free Parking/Free Breakfast/Free Late checkout.

I will look closely at what 'extras' i can sell to boost my revenue.
Well the airlines have this better sorted than hotels. What else can you offer to increase your revenue? Welcome Packs/Late Checkout/Room Upgrades etc etc

I wont let anyone work in my property unless they have been trained on the GuestDiary University.
Just for GuestDiary Customers, dont let anyone in your property near a computer unless they have done this training. Its free so why wouldnt you use it?