The next release of our web booking platform is available in Beta form and we are looking for 3 Self Catering Properties and 3 hotels worldwide.

The successful properties will receive a modern, dynamic, Accommodation Website completey FREE, not even hosting to pay, Booking Engine and Channel Manager. We only ask that they give us some feedback on the product.

The new module has features that are particularly useful for Self Catering Properties that we would like to test.

We are going to have to be selfish about how we select the properties, we really would like to pick different regions of the world, but in the end it will probably come down to who can get us a batch of high quality images and text for the website fastest.

Please send any enquries to at

Note - The offer, worth 447€ Per Month (or 5374€ Per Year) includes

FREE Accommodation Website with Content Managememt System in a Range of colours and styles to suit.
Booking Engine installed and set up FREE with ZERO Commission for 12 months
Channel Manager installed and set up FREE for 12 months.

Note our Website Content Management System has been built from scratch for the Accommodation Sector and includes;

  • Booking Engine Integration
  • Live Event Display
  • E Zine Generator
  • SMS Generator
  • Customer Database.
  • Widget Integration

Here are some Examples

Glenogra Guesthouse Dublin
Trasna House Hotel Blu Petal Hotel