Almost every hotel now has a FaceBook and Twitter account, and are learning daily how to get the most out of them.


If you look at how FaceBook works, it does seems to be a better alternative than E Zines. We are seeing 'open rates' of less then 10% with E Zines, whereas with FaceBook your messages are going to be hard for FaceBook fans to avoid when they pop up in front of them on their wall. But dont throw away your Bulk E Mailer just yet. There are still a lot of Social Media skeptics or 'late adopters' (me) that can live with contact via E Mail.

Just for fun, I am going to throw out a challenge to hotels on the hotel support program in the form of a competition, the winner of which will get a very cheap and nasty bottle of champagne from AccuBook.

The winner will be the first hotel to email me back proof that they have managed to get their Facebook posts appearing live on their website, like this

If you want a clue, try this