We are very pleased with the reaction we have received from our customers ... hopefully you will feel the same

"We find the software efficient, well designed, dependable and an extremely useful addition to the operation of the hotel. Prior to using the diary system, the hotel operated your channel manager software and a website designed by Accubook. Both excellent products in their own right. Bookings were recorded manually using a paper diary and folder type system. This involves time consuming printing and handwriting and use of a lot of tipex! It is also highly susceptible to human error. We have obligations under data protection and credit card PCI regulations to safely process guest data. Recording, storage and the subsequent destruction of guest credit card and contact details was particularly problematic. We switched to the online ‘Accubook Diary’ system in February 2017 and the benefits have been immediate. I have received highly positive feedback from the reservation team in relation to the ease of use, dependability and seamless transfer to ‘Accubook Diary’. We allocated two days for the changeover to include staff training and software changes, all progressed in a professional manner. Due to the importance of our guest reservation system, I have personally overseen the switchover and would like to congratulate all the team at Accubook on the delivery of a well-designed, user friendly and powerful product. The quality of customer service and courteous assistance has been superior. I highly recommend this excellent product.."


Leitrim Marina Hotel, Leitrim Village - Carrick on Shannon, Ireland

"We have recently signed up to We have found the Diary to be extremely user friendly, we can now do so much more than our previous system, and the best part is, with a lot less time spent in front of a computer! All human error has now been taken away from the booking management process, which leaves us more time to focus on our customers. Thanks for making our lives so much easier."


Owner, Ballyliffin Townhouse, Ballyliffin, Ireland

"The Diary is an exceptionally good tool, it has excellent guest history and invoicing features which we really appreciate. We would gladly recommend GuestDiary to any small to medium sized Hotel or Guesthouse owner."


Owner, Caisleain Oir Hotel, Annagry, Ireland

"I am using at my B&B for the past 4 months and I love it. It made bookings transfer, invoicing, shift reconciliation, booking tracking and other operation so much easier. I save so much time that I can use doing other jobs in the business. My staff got more time to do other necessary duties and they love it as I do. It's very easy to operate, navigate through it. Diary has a live chat feature where the guys are always there to help if you experience any difficulty. The Diary is constantly improving through the feedbacks from users and getting updates. I highly recommend to anyone running hospitality business."


Managing Director, Durban Residence, Dublin, Ireland