Channel Manager

Connecting your diary to your online sales channels


You no longer need to log in to 10 different websites to change availability or rates. Sell your rooms on many channels to ensure you maximise possible sales.

We do not charge any commission on bookings through the other channels! We can assist in setting up a new channel to ensure you are getting the best out of the channels you are connected to.

We have direct connections to the main online booking sites

We currently connect to the following OTA (Online Travel Agents) sites. Any changes in your diary will update the rates* and availability on the connected sites.

We only connect to the main online booking suppliers. We have no plans to connect to 100's of sites when the majority of bookings are supplied by the following channels. Don't get too excited by others who offer connections to every site under the sun ... we don't recommend you connect to too many, you will find yourself having to learn how their business model works .. and it may not suit yours!

If we have missed any sites that you are receiving bookings from, let us know. We will add new connections when there is demand for the connection from our customers.

*iCal connections do not manage rates e.g. AirBnB, only availability is updated on these connections. *We can update other sites that use iCal such as HomeAway VBRO etc. however, we currently only retrieve bookings from Airbnb

Availability is automatically updated on all connected websites.

Any time your availability changes in the Diary, the new information is sent to the connected websites. This can happen when a new booking is made on your website, when a booking is received from the channel manager, or when you create or make changes to a reservation within the diary.


Split your Double/Single availability to separate Double and Twin rooms on the OTA website. e.g. your 5 Double Single rooms can be sold as 3 Double Singles and 2 Twins


When your property is nearly full, the OTA websites can be automatically closed, allowing you to open specific channels if you wish.


Close the OTA websites with a click of a button on the nights you know you will be able to sell your rooms direct.


Changes made are reflected on all connected websites in seconds e.g. when a booking is made (or cancelled) on, is updated automatically.

Prices are updated on all connected websites.

You no longer need to update your rates on all the different websites you sell on. Manage all your rates within the Diary and all connected websites are updated automatically. Open and close specific rate plans, e.g. you only want to sell Advanced Purchase on summer bank holidays? Simply apply the rule in the Diary and all connected sites will only sell that rate too.

*Prices are not automatically updated on iCal connections e.g. AirBnB - you will need to set the rates from within the AirBnB site


Automatically uplift your rates before sending them to the OTA website. This ensures your booking engine is always cheaper than the more expensive OTA channels.


Control which rates you want to sell. Open or close your 'Room Only', 'Bed and Breakfast' or 'Advanced Purchase' rates whenever you want.


Close the rates on the OTA websites with a click of a button, helping to direct bookings through your own (commission free) website.


Changing a rate once updates all websites. Allowing you to change your rates more often, ensuring your prices are optimised across all channels.

Booking restrictions are updated on all connected websites.

You want a minimum of 2 nights this weekend, no problem! Set the restriction in the Diary and the restriction will also be applied to all connected websites. This also applies to max length of stay, closed to arrival etc.

Bookings are retrieved from connected websites and stored in the Diary.

When a booking is made online the reservation is automatically saved in the diary. You do not need to manually process every booking. If you have a high cancellation rate on OTA websites, you will not need to spend time handling cancellations.